About us

The collections are primarily supported by the Biology Centre CAS and research projects. The development of the website and the catalogues of the BCCO were supported from the programme Strategy AV21 Diversity of Life and Health of Ecosystems (2015 - 2019) and Land Conservation and Restoration (2020 - 2024) of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

We are open to cooperate with universities, research institutes or various commercial partners. Some of our former or current cooperating partners are listed below:

  • Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague, CZ)
  • Gemini PharmChem České Budějovice a.s. (České Budějovice, CZ)
  • Charles University (Prague, CZ)
  • University of South Bohemia (České Budějovice, CZ)
  • Warp Drive Bio, Inc. (MA, USA)
  • John Carroll University (OH, USA)
  • Health Institute in Ostrava (Ostrava, CZ)
  • Regional Hospital in Trutnov (Trutnov, CZ)
  • Leiden University (Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • ETH Zürich, Instiute of Microbiology (Zürich, Switzerland)



Our partners